Authorization Rules

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Authorization Rules

Authorization Rules allow or deny users access to SSO Services who meet certain rules.

How to create Authorization Rules

  1. Login to Cloudwork Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On
  3. In the Service List, click on SSO Service you wish to create authorization rules for.
  4. Click Authorization
  5. Click New Ruleset
  6. Fill in the fields:
    • Name: Enter a name for rule that describes what the rule does.
    • Action: Select from drop down what should happen when a user matches the rule/s
      • Allow users matching at least one rule
      • Only allow users matching all rules
      • Deny users matching at least one rule
    • Rules:
      • Attribute: Select what attribute of a user should be searched for.
      • Comparison: Select from drop down how we should match users from match field
        • Exact: Find users who match exactly with what is written in Match
        • Starts with: Find users who start with what is written in Match
        • Ends with: Find users who end with what is written in Match
        • Contains: Finds users who contain what is written in Match
      • Match: Enter text that will search users that fit with the selected attribute

Example Rules

Auth rules.PNG
This rule will only allow users whose exact username is demonstration to be allowed to access this SSO Service