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Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform.


First, you need to have your vanity URL from your Zoom Account Page - this generally looks like this - https://yourcompany.zoom.us

Cloudwork Setup

  1. In your school's Cloudwork dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Zoom and enter your Vanity URL. (Note: When entering the Vanity URL only include yourcompany.zoom.us. Do Not include https://)
  2. Clicking submit
  3. Navigate to Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Zoom
  4. Navigate to SAML Config and click Edit.
  5. Change the NameID Value to email
  6. Click submit.

Zoom Setup

Secondly you have to navigate to the https://zoom.us/account/sso page and enter your SSO details.

  • Sign-in page URL: Found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Metadata Details>Sign On Endpoint
    Example of Sign On Endpoint
  • Sign-out page URL: Found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Log out Endpoint
    Example of Logout URL
  • Certificate: Found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity provider>Certificate>Download
    Example Certificate Download
  • Issuer: Found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity provider>Entity ID
    Example of Entity ID
  • Binding: Choose http-redirect
  • Signature Hash Algorithm: SHA-1
  • Default user type: Basic or Pro - You can determine this.

Go to https://zoom.us/account/sso and click the SAML Response Mapping tab. Click "Map to SAML Attribute" for each attribute you wish to map, and fill out the form as required:

  • Email address: mail
  • First name: givenName
  • Last name: sn

Advanced SAML Settings

Once you've configured the basics, you can optionally map Cloudwork data to users' Zoom accounts.

With Advanced SAML Settings you are able to control which type of users get Basic or Licensed account.

Zoom Advanced Setup

  1. In Zoom, Advanced>Single Sign On>SAML Response Mapping
  2. Add User Type
  3. In SAML Attribute enter Role
  4. In SAML Value enter student
  5. In Resulting Value enter Basic
  6. Add User Type
  7. In SAML Attribute enter Role
  8. In SAML Value enter faculty
  9. In Resulting Value enter Licensed
  10. Click Save Changes

Cloudwork Advanced Setup

  1. In your Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Zoom>Attribute Map>Edit
  2. In Value select Role
  3. In Maps To enter Role
  4. Click Submit