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TASS setup

To set up TASS SSO

  1. Log in to TASS.web and go to System Admin > Users > LDAP/SAML Maintenance.
  2. Click View next to the product/portal you wish to modify.
  3. In the Users tab, check that your mappings between TASS users/entities and users in Cloudwork are correct.
  4. In the LDAP tab, click Edit LDAP, set Enabled to No, then click Save.
  5. In the SAML tab, click Edit SAML, then:
    1. Paste in the metadata URL from Cloudwork(This is found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Entity ID).
      Example of Entity ID
    2. Click Fetch IDP Metadata XML.
    3. You’ll see a few prompts about overwriting metadata and generating certificates. Click OK on all of them.
    4. Set Enabled to Yes.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Click Download SP Metadata XML and store the downloaded metadata which you’ll need for the next step.

To set up Cloudwork SSO

  1. Go to the Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Upload an XML File
  2. Enter under Name, Tass or another suitable name for the SSO service
  3. In Choose an XML File: Upload the metadata file which was downloaded from TASS
  4. Click Submit