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SSO Setup with SynWeb

  1. Login to your school's Cloudwork dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On>Identity provider>Certificate>Download
  3. Download the certificate on that page.
    Example Certificate Download
  4. Copy that certificate onto the Synergetic machine under <synweb>/Site/Certificates/idp.crt you may need to create this folder
  5. Log in to SQL Management Studio
  6. Run this query
    SELECT SynergeticPassword FROM pvSynDatabases WHERE SynergeticUserName = 'zSynergetic_main_dbo'
  7. On your computer, find your Binconfig folder, where the SynWeb is installed
  8. Run Synergetic.Application.CreateConfig.exe as an administrator and add the following values to specified fields
    AuthenticationMode = SAML
    OverrideUserName = zSynergetic_main_dbo
    SAMLLoginBinding = POST
    SAMLLogoutBinding = REDIRECT
    SAMLLoginDestination = put in the Sign On Endpoint from your school's dashboard(This is found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Metadata Details>Sign On Endpoint)
    Example of Sign On Endpoint
    SAMLLogoutDestination = put in the Log Out Endpoint from your school's dashboard (This is found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Log out Endpoint)
    Example of Logout URL
    SAMLLoginX509CertificatePath = ~\Site\Certificates\idp.crt
    SAMLSPIssuer = <<synergetic URL>>/login.aspx
    SAMLComparisonMode = minimum
    SAMLClaimAttributeName = NameID

Once you have saved this configuration file, open it up in notepad (or Notepad++) and find the OverridePassword key, which should look like the below.

<OverridePassword /> You will now need to remove the close and enter the password, similar to the below.

<OverridePassword>Password from the query</OverridePassword>

SSO setup with Cloudwork

  1. Login to your school's dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On>Add New Service>Synweb
  3. Enter Your Synergtic URL
  4. Click Submit