Staggered Logins

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Staggered Logins

Staggered Logins is a form of lockout that Studentnet has implemented to minimize brute force attacks.

Staggered Logins occur when a user fails 3 login attempts. When staggered logins occur, the user will take up to 4-5 seconds to login instead of 1-2 seconds. If the user fails 6 login attempts, the user will take up to 9 seconds to login. Further failed login attempts will increase the user login time. At 12 failed login attempts, users will no longer be allowed any login attempts.

Clearing Staggered Logins

Staggered Logins can be cleared for users by one of 2 ways

  • User waits 15 minutes without attempting to login
  • Admins goes to the user and clears the staggered logins

Clearing Staggered Logins via Admin

  1. Login to Cloudwork Dashboard
  2. Click on Users
  3. Search for user who has Staggered Login enabled
  4. Click Clear Lockouts (if there is no Clear Lockouts button available, that means staggered logins has not be activated for that user)
  5. Click Yes, Clear Lockout


Failed logins will be logged on Dashboard reports under User activity