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SSO Setup with Softlink

  1. Email Softlink asking for SoftLink's metadata

SSO Setup with Cloudwork

  1. After obtaining SoftLink's metadata, login to Cloudwork Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On>Add New Service
  3. Select Upload an XML File
  4. Give it the name SoftLink and upload SoftLink's metadata
  5. Click Services
  6. Click SoftLink in Services List
  7. Under Attribute Map click Edit
  8. Add a row with has Value = Groups and Maps to = memberOf
  9. Click Submit
  10. Go to Single Sign On>Identity Provider>XML File
  11. Click Download
  12. Send your school's XML File to SoftLink

Email Template

Hi Softlink,

<Schoolname> is wanting to setup SSO between Softlink and Cloudwork.
Could you provide SoftLink's metadata so we can begin the process