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Security/MFA Reports

  1. Login to the Cloudwork Dashboard
  2. Nagivate to Reports
  3. Click Security
    Example of Security Report

The Security Report will show all users and what their current MFA status is.

Security Report Heading Meanings
Security Report Heading Meaning
Username The user's username
Primary Email Users in Cloudwork can have more than 1 email attached to an account, only the Primary email is displayed
MFA Status Show whether the user has MFA enabled
App Enabled If the user has Authenticator App enabled for MFA it will display the date and timethe Authenticator App was setup. If App was not enabled, in the Security Report will display Not Enabled
SMS Enabled If the user has SMS enabled for MFA it will display the date and time the SMS was setup. If SMS was not enabled, in the Security Report will display Not Enabled
MFA Enforced If users are forced to have MFA enabled, in the Security Reports under MFA Enforced will display Yes. Otherwise No will be displayed
Is Admin If a user is given an Admin Role the user will be marked as Yes in the Security Report
Status Whether user is active or suspended

Filtering users in Security Report

On the left side of the page of the Security Report, admins can filter the Security Report to show a specified list of users.

  • For Org Unit: Filter users by Org Units. Selecting different Org Units will show the users belonging to the selected Org Unit. If no Org Unit is selected, all Org Units will be shown.
  • For Role: Filter users based on their role of Teacher, Students and Parents. If no Role was selected all Roles will be shown.
  • For Account Status: Filter users based on whether their account is Active or Suspended. If no Account status was selected, both Active and Suspended Users will be shown.

Report filter.PNG

Downloading Report

  1. Click Download
    Report filter download.PNG
  2. You will be redirected in Cloudwork with a page confirming an email has been sent.
    Report generated.PNG
  3. An email from will be sent your account's primary email address
  4. click here in the email, this will open a new page to Cloudwork
    Report email.PNG
  5. Click Click here to download your prepared report, this will save a CSV file.
    Report done.PNG