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Remember Me

Users will not be required to enter username and password on the device for a specified number of days. This feature needs to first be enabled by Studentnet Support before it can be enabled by administrators.

Enabling Remember Me

  1. Login to your school's Cloudwork Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Authentication Settings
  3. Check the box Enable Remember Me
  4. Click Submit

Customise number of days a user can remain logged in

Administrators can change the number of days users can stay signed in.

  1. Navigate to Authentication Settings
  2. In Remember Me Period input a the number of days a user can remain logged in

Customise Remember Me Text

Administrators can change the text that accompanies the checkbox on the login page.

  1. Navigate to Login Theme
  2. Click Other Settings
  3. In Remember Me Text enter the text that you want the users to see when enabling Remember Me