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These reports cover the information about provisioning that happens within the dashboard.


This report includes:

  • Date and Time
  • Event
  • Amount of profiles created, updated and failed

This is an example of what is shown on a failed CSV upload Csverror.png

You can filter this search with the following options:


  • From and To: These are the date fields that allow you to choose a date range for your events to show for. Clicking on the Tiny clock.png brings up a calendar to allow you to pick a date and choose a time. You can also adjust the values in the box directly.
  • For User: This will narrow the search down to a single user. As you begin to type it will show you options that match what you are currently typing.
  • For Sync Profile: This is a dropdown which will allow you to choose the Sync Profile that you are interested in.
  • For Event: Allows you to choose what the user did, either Authentication (Logging in for the first time), Authorisation (Logging into a service) or Authentication Failed (Bad username and/or Password)
  • Filter Events for Activity: This will filter out any sync events that update zero records by default - uncheck to show everything

Download Provisioning Report

You can also download the reports that are generated on your school's cloudwork dashboard by clicking download. An email will be sent to the user. Go to the email sent from reports and follow the link in the email. This link will lead you back to the dashboard where you can click the hyperlink and get the report in the form of a csv file.

The Reports that come from Provisioning Report contain:

  • updated [How many users were updated]
  • added [How many users were added]
  • deleted [How many users were deleted]
  • disabled [How many users were disabled]
  • event [What type of syncronisation occured]
  • syncprofile_name [Name of the Sync Profile]
  • errors [How many accounts failed to sync]
  • date_finished [What time and date did the sync finish]
  • processed [How many users were processed]
  • date_started [What time and date did the sync start]
  • details [Additional Information about the syncing process]

List for Events

  • Account Provisioning: This event occurs when Provisioning Scripts start running
  • Account Synchronization: This event occurs when LDAP Sync Profile has been synced
  • Group CSV Failed: This event occurs when a Group CSV upload has failed
  • Groups CSV Processed With Errors: This event occurs when a Group CSV has errors
  • Groups CSV Processed: This event occurs when the Group CSV is successful
  • Sync Error: This event occurs when during manual or automated sync an error occurs
  • User CSV Processed:This event occurs when the User CSV is successful
  • User CSV Failed: This event occurs when a User CSV upload has failed
  • User CSV Processed With Errors: This event occurs when a User CSV has errors