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Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect is used to allow users when logging into a Mac device to be prompted with Cloudwork's Identity Provider login, instead of the usual Mac login screen.
This is so you can create a better user experience by giving users a familiar login screen every time the user signs into a SSO Service.

As a part of Cloudwork's support for Jamf Connect: When setting up an OAuth App in the Cloudwork Dashboard, under Allowed Grant Types, Password can now be selected.
Password must be selected as an Allowed Grant Type when setting up Jamf Connect, this is to allow both the username and password to authenticate and authorise the user.

Setting up with Cloudwork

  1. Login to the Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Manage OpenID Connect Apps>Add New Service
  2. In Name enter Jamf Connect
  3. In Client Type select Public Client
  4. In Redirect URIs enter the Redirect URIs:
  5. For Allowed Grant Types enable the checkbox Password
    Example of Cloudwork Setup
  6. Click Submit, you will then be redirected and see the service information.
    Example of Service Information after setting up Jamf Connect
  7. Make a note of the Client ID, Secret(press show to reveal Secret) and Whitelisted Redirect URIs
  8. Navigate to Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Manage OpenID Connect Apps>Identity Provider and make note of the Auto config URL
    Example of OAuth IdP Details
  9. Email Jamf Connect letting them know you have completed the setup on Cloudwork's end

Email Template

Hi Jamf Connect,

Our school <schoolname> is wanting to setup a connection between Cloudwork and JAMF Connect.
We have completed the setup on Cloudwork's end
Could you also provide what information you will require from us to complete the process at your end?

Setup with Jamf Connect

  1. Login to Jamf Connect
  2. Fill out the Form as follows:
    • Identity Provider: Select Custom
    • OIDC Client ID: Enter the previously noted Client ID
    • ROPG Client ID: Enter the previously noted Client ID
    • Client Secret: Enter the previously noted Secret
    • OIDC Redirect URI: Enter the previously noted Whitelisted Redirect URIs
    • Discovery URL: Enter the previously noted Auto config URL
Example of Jamf Connect Setup

Final Result

Once you have completed the process on both sides, when logging into your device you should see your school's login screen.

Example of Jamf Connect when setup has been completed