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Updating your graduating students' accounts

There are two approaches to updating your school's graduating students in Cloudwork:

  • Deleting the students. Handling of deleted accounts depends on the value you have set up in the Action for deleted users field in Advanced Settings for the Sync Profile.
  • Updating the Role for your graduating students to Alum. Alum accounts remain in Cloudwork but are not included in the count of students for billing purposes.

Choose the approach that fits how you manage your accounts in Active Directory.

Updating graduating students to Alum status

1. Select Sync Profiles from the Cloudwork dashboard menu.

2. Select the sync profile for your graduating year students and click Edit.

3. In the User Settings section change the Role field to Alum.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

5. Scroll back to the top of the page and click Start Full Resync.

Normally full synchronisation tasks run overnight. Clicking Start Full Resync changes the next scheduled incremental sync task to be a full sync.

Allow time for the full sync task to complete before checking that the sync profile was correctly updated. To do this:

  • In Sync Profiles select the relevant profile and check that the last sync run completed successfully. Make sure that the completed date and time indicates a run that occurred after you made your changes.
  • In the Users List locate a student whose Role should have been updated to Alum and check that this has been updated.

Deleting graduating students

After the nightly full synchronisation task has run, Cloudwork will identify all users not in that run and will apply the action specified in the Action for deleted users field for the Sync Profile. Options are:

  • Do nothing - the users stay on the system.
  • Mark user as Alum - the Role of the user is changed to Alum. They stay in the system but are not billed as active users.
  • Suspend users - the users cannot log in but they remain active in the system and will be billed unless arrangements are made with Studentnet to adjust your school's student count for billing purposes.
  • Delete - users are removed from the system.

Need more help?

Create a ticket in the Cloudwork Support dashboard at