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  • Domain: The domain which is used for communication for google classroom.
  • Substitute: This is the G Suite user that all API activity will happen as. This user needs to be a super user
  • Name Mapping: The type of name used for the classroom
  • Section Mapping: The section name
  • Descriptionheading Mapping: Subtitle for the class
  • Description Mapping:
  • Room Mapping:

Requirements for a group to be synced into Google Classroom

All requirements must be met for a group to be synced into Google Classroom

  • A primary teacher
  • Class group type
  • Classroom state must be set to Provisioned or Active
  • 1 or more active student in list of group members

Attributes does Cloudwork maintain

  • Student and Teacher memberships
  • Class Name
  • Section Name
  • Description
  • Room