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Google Apps Admin

This section is for adding Single Sign on for a Google Apps service from a Google apps admin standpoint

Login to

From this page, Go to Security -> Set up single sign-on. Scroll down to find the following form and check the Setup SSO with third party identity provider box


The definitions for Sign On and Log Out Endpoint can be found at Identity Provider Details

  • Sign-in page URL – The Sign On Endpoint, this is found in the Cloudwork dashboard>Single Sign On > Identity Provider
    Example Identify Provider Information
  • Sign-out page URL – This is the Log Out endpoint, which can also be found in the Cloudwork dashboard>Single Sign On > Identity Provider At the end it needs to have ?ReturnTo=, this can be any URL that you want people to end up at after they log out.
    Example Identify Provider Information
  • Example:

NB case matters so ReturnTo must be as written as shown

  • Change password URL – Found under Cloudwork ID settings - Useful Links
  • Verification certificate – Upload this from the file on the Identity Provider page on the Cloudwork dashboard. Go to Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Certificate> Download
    Example Certificate Download


When adding Single Sign On for a Google Apps service you will be presented with a form that looks like this Google apps.png

  • Name - This is just a friendly name to identify the service
  • Your Domain - The Google Apps domain for the service