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Single Sign On Setup on Cloudwork's Side

  1. In the Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Custom SAML Service
  2. Fill in the field as follows:
  3. Click Submit
  4. You will need to download the SAML signing certificate from GoTo Connect from here:
  5. In the Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>GoTo Connect>SAML Config>Edit
  6. Confirm the following options are enabled and set:
    • Signature Algorithm: Select SHA256
    • Sign Assertion is enabled
    • Sign Response is enabled
  7. Still in the SAML config add the signing certificate you downloaded from GoTo Connect in step 4.
  8. You will need to copy the value the file and paste under Certificates>Content
  9. Also check the checkbox Used for Signing in the same row as the certificate.
  10. Click Submit

Single Sign On Setup on GoTo Connect side

  1. Login to the Cloudwork dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider
  2. Under XML file click Download
    Location of XML File Download
  3. In the GoTo Connect Organization Center
  4. Under Identity Provider, select upload a SAML Metadata file under How would you like to configure your SAML IDP
  5. Upload the XML file from step 2
  6. Click Save