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This menu item allows you to view and edit your G Suite Domains.

Adding a G Suite Domains

The add screen will require some details about your G Suite domain. Once this is completed there is an additional step that needs to be done for it to correctly be able to communicate with your G Suite Domain. This is a manual Step required by Google to complete that we need to do at the server side end. You can request we do this for you.

New domain.png Figure 8 - G Suite Domain Add

  • Domain Name - This is the G Suite domain
  • Administrator Account - This needs to be a Super Administrator account no password details are required, just the full email address of the account name.
  • Allowed orgunits: Org Units selected in this field will be monitored, users who match the criteria for a user to be synced and are under in Org Units under Allowed orgunits will be synced to Gsuites.
  • Maintain User: Users that exist in Cloudwork will exist in Google
  • Maintain password: Should google keep passwords
  • Maintain shared contacts
  • Maintain OU: OUs in AD which have been synced to Cloudwork will then be synced over to Google
  • When users change Org Units: When a user is moved from one the Allowed orgunits into an Org unit not in Allowed orgunits, depending on what setting is selected either the user will get deleted(Delete), suspended(Suspend) or nothing happens(Do Nothing)
  • Don't delete users or group: Users will instead be marked as suspended, Tick this checkbox so user data in Google Drive and Gmail does not get deleted.
  • Don't update group settings: If you have your own rules on how you handle groups, click the checkbox so we do not interfere with these rules.
  • Hide Suspended Users from Contacts: Suspended users will be hidden from the Global Address List in G Suite products

Conditions for a user to be synced

All conditions listed below need to be met for users to be synced.

  • The user's email domain needs to match the domain listed Domain Name in Cloudwork's Gsuite Domain settings
  • The user must be an OU that is being monitored under Allowed Orgunits in Cloudwork's Gsuite Domain Settings.

Conditions for a group to be synced

All conditions listed below need to be met for Groups to be synced into Google.

  • The group's email domain(Group Name in Cloudwork) needs to match the domain listed Domain Name in Cloudwork's Gsuite Domain settings
  • Maintain groups need to be selected

What information gets synced to Gsuites

User Information

  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Suspended/active


  • Group Name
  • List of members
  • Friendly Name

Turning off syncing for G Suite domain

To turn off sync for G Suite,

  1. Go to G Suite Domain
  2. Click on the Domain you want to no longer sync
  3. Click edit
  4. Uncheck all the textboxes
  • Maintain Users
  • Maintain Passwords
  • Maintain Groups
  • Maintain Shared Contacts
  • Maintain Organisational Units
  • Dont delete Users or groups
  • Don't update group settings

Turning Off Google Sync will not delete any accounts already in Google but prevent any further users being synced into Google.