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SSO setup on Cloudwork Side

  1. Using the email template below, email support@digistorm and request metadata information for Digistorm Funnel
  2. After receiving reply from Digistorm you will be assigned a customer representative and given metadata information
  3. Login to Cloudwork dashboard
  4. Navigate to Single Sign On>Add New Service>Custom SAML Service
  5. Fill out the form:
    Name = Digistorm Funnel
    Entity ID = Entity ID (Metadata URL) from email
    ACS = Assertion Consumer Service (ACS URL) from email
    Single Logout Service = Single Logout Service (SLS URL) from email
    NameID Format = select from drop down urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified
    Name ID = From the drop down select Email
    Login URL = Login URL from email
  6. Navigate to Single Sign On>Service>Digistorm Funnel
  7. Under SAML Config click Edit
  8. Under Certificate>Used for Signing check the checkbox
  9. Under Certificate>Used for Encryption check the checkbox
  10. Under Certificate> Content paste the value in x509 Certificate from the email

Email Template

Hi Digistorm,

Our school <school name> is wanting to setup SSO for Digistorm Funnel with Cloudwork
Could you please provide Digistorm Funnel's Metadata Information?

SSO Setup with Digistorm Funnel

  1. Go to Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>XML file>Download
    Location of XML File Download
  2. Download the XML file
  3. Email the customer respresentative, letting them know that setup on Cloudwork's side has been completed and attach the XML file you downloaded from step 2

Email Template

Hi <customer representative name>,

We have completed the setup on Cloudwork's end.
Attached is our school's XML File
Please let us know when the setup is done on your end so we can begin testing.