Forgotten Username Email Template

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Forgotten Username Email template

This template can be used when sending a reminder via email to a user who has forgotten their username.

You can use the following standard variables in any field for this message:

  • $user_name: The user's username.
  • $email: The user's email address.
  • $first_name: The user's first name.
  • $last_name: The user's last name.
  • $password_reset_link: A link to initiate Password Recovery.
  • $recovery_email: The user's recovery email address.
  • $recovery_phone: The user's recovery phone number.
  • $usernames_ul: Render an HTML list of all usernames of all accounts that share the supplied recovery email address

Complete the following fields for the new template:

  • Template Name: A short description of the email (this will display in the Message Templates List)
  • Subject: Subject line for the email
  • Message: Text of the email, written in html
  • From Address: The sending email address

Click Submit to create the new template.

Example Forgotten Email Template

Hi $first_name,

You've recently made a request to find your username. Here is your username! 

Username: $user_name

If you did not request your username, please ignore this message.

Sincerely, The Studentnet Support team