Forgotten Password SMS Template

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Forgotten Password SMS template

This template can be used when sending recovery codes via SMS for users who are attempting to reset their password.

You can use the following standard variables for this message:

  • $user_name: The user's username.
  • $code: The recovery code needed by the user to reset their password.
  • $email: The user's email address.
  • $first_name: The user's first name.
  • $last_name: The user's last name.
  • $recovery_email: The user's recovery email address.
  • $recovery_phone: The user's recovery phone number.

Complete the following fields for the new template:

  • Template Name: A short description of the email (this will display in the Message Templates List)
  • Message: Text of the message, written in html
  • From: Number or Name which will say where the SMS is coming from

Click Submit to create the new template.

Example Forgotten Password SMS template

Hi $first_name,

You've recently made a request to reset your Cloudwork password. Here is your recovery code!

If you did not try to reset your password, please ignore this message. 

Sincerely, The Studentnet Support team