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EdPotential EdPotential is web-based software that enables schools to inquire into their assessment data, analyse it to identify gaps and strengths, and then act to target solutions that improve student achievement.

Setup with Edpotential

To enable Single Sign On (SSO) for EdPotential, you will first need to get the metadata XML file. If you have trouble downloading this file, please contact our support (email support@edpotential.com).

  1. Contact EdPotential to enable SSO for your school if not done already
  2. Get the ID of your school. The ID is the first number in the URL for your school e.g. If you’re on the reporting page, you’ll have a URL like this: https://goedpotential.com/150/report.htm. The ID for this school would be 150.
  3. Open the metadata page by navigating to https://goedpotential.com/<school ID>/metadata.htm. So our example from above would be https://goedpotential.com/150/metadata.htm
  4. Download this XML file

Setup in Cloudwork

  1. You will need to send EdPotential the XML metadata from Cloudwork, which can be found by going to Cloudwork Dashboard> Single Sign On > Identity Provider, and a link to the XML file can be found under XML File . You will need to send this to support@edpotential.com . Now to add a new service.
  2. Going back to the Single Sign On page
  3. Click on the button to Add New Service
  4. Find and select Upload an XML File in the list
  5. Enter EdPotential for the name (or what is appropriate)
  6. Upload the XML file you received from EdPotential
  7. Click Submit
  8. Go back to the Single Sign On page and select the service in the list called EdPotential
  9. Click the button to edit the Service Details
  10. Change the Login URL to https://goedpotential.com/<school ID>/signin.htm
  11. [Optional] Change the Logo Url to https://edpotential.com/assets/img/logo-small.svg
  12. Click Submit

Once you have set up SSO in Cloudworks and we have applied the XML file on our side, you will be able to use SSO to access EdPotential.