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SSO setup on Cloudwork's end

  1. Navigate to Single Sign On Services>Identity Provider>Metadata Details
  2. Copy the EntityID, Sign On Endpoint and Log out Endpoint
    Example of Identity Provider

  3. Contact Edapt Support(support@edapt.education) sending the values EntityID, Sign On Endpoint and Log out Endpoint and ask Edapt for your school's school id, EntityID and Assertion Consumer Service
  4. Login to Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Custom SAML Service
  5. Fill the form:
    Name: Edapt
    Entity ID: <EntityID from Edapt>
    Assertion Consumer Service: <Assertion Consumer Service from Edapt>
    NameID Value: Email
  6. Click Services
  7. Select Edapt from Service list
  8. Click Custom Filters>New Filter
  9. Fill out the field as follows:
    Name: core:AttributeAdd
    Priority: 110
    Key: school_id
    Value: <school_id from Edapt>
  10. Click Submit

SSO setup on Edapt's end

  1. Let Edapt know you have completed the SSO configuration on Clouwork's end and are ready for testing

Email Template to Edapt

Hi Edapt Support,

Our school would like to setup SSO between Cloudwork and Edapt.
Could you please provide our school id, EntityID and Logout Endpoint?

Below is the EntityID, Sign On Endpoint and Log out Endpoint from Cloudwork
EntityID: <Entity ID from Cloudwork>
Sign On Endpoint: <Sign On Endpoint from Cloudwork>
Logout Endpoint: <Logout Endpoint from Cloudwork>