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Ebsco Setup

  1. Contact Ebsco to start the Single Sign On Process, a questionnaire will be given to you.
  2. Fill out the following fields as such:
    • Persistent ID: objectguid
    • Email: mail
    • Firstname: givenName
    • Lastname: sn
    • Entitlement: role
    • Affiliation: Leave blank
    • Please specify which platform your organization uses for managing SAML-based SSO Connections: Studentnet Cloudwork
    • Please provide the SAML metadata file from your organization's Idp using one of the methods provided below: Select I will provide you a URL to data file (This is found under Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider>Entity ID)
    • Please indicate which connection methodology your organization will use to provide acces to the EBSCO resources: Select Both
  3. Send questionnaire to Ebseco

Cloudwork Setup

  1. Request metadata file from Ebsco
  2. Login into Cloudwork Dashboard
  3. Navigate to Single Sign On>Add New Service>Upload an XML File
  4. In the Name field enter Ebsco
  5. In the Choose an XML File Upload the file received from Ebsco