Creating a custom CloudworkID Authenticator App

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Lodging a ticket

Create a ticket at Studentnet Support

Provide the following information in the ticket:

  • Name of App in the Google/Apple Store:
  • App icon: The image needs to be a 1024x1024 png
  • Splash image icon: The image that shows when opening the app, Image needs to be 159x250 png with transparent background
  • Name of App when using App: Will be shown on the topbar of the app
  • Colour of topbar on the app: 1 colour only

We will prepare 2 versions of the CloudworkID Authenticator App, one for iOS and the other for Android.
Both iOS & Android require compliance with their approval process which can be lengthier than we would like but have become used to satisfy their requirements. ​


The costs involved for creating the CloudworkID Authenticator App are:
Implementation: $500exGST one off
Annual Subscription: $1.50exGST per account in subscribed OU