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Alerts are email notifications that get sent every time a chosen events occurs.

How to create Alerts

  1. In your Cloudwork Dashboard navigate to Reports
  2. Click on either User Activity, Administrator Activity or Provisioning
  3. Filter out for the specific event you wish to get alerts for
    User activity alert.JPG
  4. Click Create Alert
  5. Enter Description
  6. Enter Other recipients for all email addresses that want to receive the alert.
  7. Click Send alert to all super administrators if you want all users with the super administrator role to receive notification of this alert.
    Create alert.JPG
  8. Click Submit

Managing Alerts

Managing Alert Image.JPG

Managing Alerts is a section under Reports. Here you can Enable/Disable, edit who receive alerts, view the alerts activity and delete alerts.

  • Description: = Name of the Alert
  • Disable = Disable the alert
  • Delivery Settings: = Change the Description, whether all super administrators should receive alerts or configure which emails will receive alerts
  • View Report = Takes you to the Reports section which has been filtered to show the activity for the specified alert
  • Delete Alert = Deleting Alerts are done through the Red box