Adobe Provisioning: Adding Config and Private Key

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Adobe Configuration

You can either create a project on your own and provide us with the information listed in the following config file example or assign us a role to do so. If you want to create your own project, you can follow the procedure shown below:

Information needed for configuration:

  • Federated domain
  • Organization id
  • Client id
  • Client secret
  • Technical account id
  • Private key

The information can be obtained from the following steps

Step 1: Create a project in Adobe developer console

After successfully logging in to Adobe Developer Console, you arrive at the Home screen. This is where you can find quick start links to create a project or download resources, view and edit your public profile, and access the Projects and Downloads screens using the top navigation.

Click “create new project” to start

Adobe Setup 1

Step 2: Add an API to the project using Service Account (JWT)

Click “Add API”

Adobe Setup 2

Step 3: Create a User Management API

Scroll down to select User Management API and click Next

Adobe Setup 3

Step 4: Generate a key pair

Select OPTION 1 generate a key pair, click Next, and then save the downloaded (containing the public key and private key) for future use

Adobe Setup 4

Step 5: Save API

Click Save configured API

Adobe Setup 5

Select User Management API from APIs on the sidebar

Adobe Setup 6

Click Retrieve client secret to get client secret

Adobe Setup 7

Save client id, client secret, technical account id, organization id for configuration

Adobe Setup 8

Open Cloudwork, click Adobe Coherent Cloud

Adobe Setup 9

Go to Adobe page

Adobe Setup 10

Click Add new Adobe config Fill Org Id, Client Id, Client Secret, Tech Acct, and input the school’s domain

Adobe Setup 11

And select username field in Adobe console

Adobe Setup 12

Adobe Setup 12.5

Adobe Setup 12.6

You can see New Config created, then the next step is to upload the private key. Click Please Upload Private Key Here to upload.

Adobe Setup 13

Upload the private key.

Adobe Setup 14

If successful, you will be redirected to the Adobe page and see the green flashing

Adobe Setup 15

Click on the domain, you will see the private key uploaded has been changed to yes

Adobe Setup 16

If you want to select groups to be synced to Adobe Console, click Edit on Group Sync Selections table

Adobe Setup 17

Select groups and submit

If you want to select OU to be synced to Adobe Console, click Edit on OU Sync Selections table

Adobe Setup 18

Select OU and submit

A green flash will indicate the selection succeeds and group names will show in the OU Sync Selections table.

Adobe Setup 20

How does Syncing work

If you have allowed the 'Sync User to Adobe' and 'Sync Groups to Adobe': Then by selecting OU or Groups under OU Sync Selection and Group Sync Selection respectively, you can select which OUs and Groups get synced.

  • OU syncing: By selecting the OU from Cloudwork's in the Adobe Sync from Cloudwork, users from those OUs will be synced to Adobe.
  • Group Syncing: By selecting groups from Cloudwork's in Adobe sync from Cloudwork, users who are already synced to Adobe will be put into User directories in Adobe. Users who are in the groups but not synced to Adobe will not be synced to Adobe.