Account Billing

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Active accounts for staff and students will be billed;

Accounts for parents and alumni are free.

Note that accounts in suspended status are considered active for billing purposes.

Cloudwork subscriptions are on an annual basis, and there can be one-off implementation charges as well.

Extra features such as password reset attract an extra subscription charge.

For implementation of additional services there is no additional subscription charge, but there may be an implementation charge.

How to find the tally of chargeable accounts on the dashboard

For finding the tally of the number of chargeable accounts on the dashboard:

Login to the Cloudwork dashboard, navigate to Reports

Reports will display a page called Report Summary with a graph showing the login activity.

Below the graph on the right hand side, there will be a section called Users.

Users contains an individual tally of each category your school has.

Only the last two categories(Students and Teachers) are chargeable.

Need more help?

For more information about billing for Cloudwork accounts please contact