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Running A sync

This sync profile type provids an API endpoint where users can upload a file. Please create a ticket for more information on interacting with and authenticating to this API.

The CSV File

The CSV file must consist of at least 2 columns: The Group Email Address, and a Member Identifier. The CSV should have a header row whose column names match the values supplied in the Attribute Mapping section of the Sync Profile settings. Each of the fields described below can be included in your CSV file. And columns in the CSV file that aren't mapped to one of these fields will become a custom attribute on that group.

Group Email Address

This field is mapped via the Group Address Mapping field.

This field should contain a valid email address. This field acts as the primary identifier for a group within Cloudwork.

Member Identifier

This field is mapped via the Member Mapping field.

This field must contain an identifier for the user to be added to the group. The format of the identifier must match the selected Member Identifier in the Sync Profile settings.

Group Name

This field is mapped via the Group Name Mapping field.

This column is used to set or update the Friendly Name for a group. This is the value that is provided to third party services via SAML or OpenID Connect claims.

Group Type

This field is mapped via the Group Type Mapping field.

The types that apply to this group. Multiple group types can be listed by separating them with ;:

  • Class - groups with this type are intended to sync to Google Classrooms, Canvas, etc.
  • Distribution Group - Groups intended for use as mailing lists. Usually used in combination with Synced to Azure or Synced to Google.
  • Security Group - Groups that indicate or control user access controls, either in Cloudwork in other SAML services.
  • Synced to Azure - Groups with this type will be synced to Azure
  • Synced to Google - Groups with this type will be synced to Google Groups

Classroom State Mapping

This field is mapped via the Classroom State Mapping field.

Google classroom state for this course. The options available are:

  • (blank): Don't sync this group to Google Classroom
  • PROVISIONED: This group will be visible to its primary teacher, but not to students.
  • ACTIVE: Active classrooms are visible by all students and teachers that are assigned to the class.
  • ARCHIVED: Archived classrooms are visible to the primary teacher, but are no longer able to be updated by teachers or students.

An active Google Classroom class should typically be set to "ACTIVE" though "PROVISIONED" is also acceptable if that behaviour is preferred.

Primary Teacher

This field is mapped via the Primary Teacher Mapping field.

This field is required if a group needs to sync to Google Classroom.

This field's value must be the user name, primary email address, or SIS ID of the user who will be this group's primary teacher.