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TASS Syncing will allow IT admins to import selected users from TASS via Cloudwork Sync Profile.

These users include Students, Staff and Parents.

Cloudwork can automatically detect and manage parent accounts for split families.

Cloudwork Syncing Instructions

Credentials needed

  • Token key
  • App Code
  • API Version
  • Company Code
  • Endpoint

Credentials located in TASS>System Admin>Utilities>API Gateway Maintenance

Login to Cloudwork Dashboard and click Sync Profile

tass Setup 2

Click New Sync Profile

tass Setup 2

Select TASS Sync Profile from sync profile types

tass Setup 3

Under Basic Settings, input a simple description for this profile, and credentials provided by TASS.

tass Setup 4

  • Select the attribute to be mapped to Cloudwork for Tass user_code for Parent Usercode Mapping, Students Usercode Mapping, and Staff usercode Mapping, choices include SIS ID(highly recommended) and username.
  • Under User Settings, for each type of users, parents, students, and staff, there are choices sync users, organisational unit, maintain ou for existing users, actions for users no longer meet the condition web_access = True, and send welcome message to users
  • By ticking Do not change orgunits for current users, existing users will not be moved to ou set by the previous three fields.
  • Action for disabled users works if users no longer meet the condition web_access = True. Actions include Do nothing, Suspend User, and Delete User.
  • By ticking Send welcome, the selected welcome template will be sent to the type of users during the next sync.

tass Setup 5

For parents, there are extra 5 settings:

  • Address block for person1, default ‘4’
  • Address block for person2, default ‘5’
  • Address block for fallback, when person1 and person2 address blocks are empty, default ‘1’
  • Enable fallback even when person1 and person2 exist
  • Nuclear family accounts settings
    • One account for each user_code
    • Separate accounts for parents in each user_code

tass Setup 7

Scroll down, there will be 3 tables showing custom attributes for parents, students, and staff.

tass Setup 8

Click Edit for three tables and add custom attributes for three types of users.

tass Setup 9

A green flash will show after the attributes are added.

tass Setup 10

Click Force Sync for pulling users from TASS. A green flash shows the pulling process is successful.

tass Setup 11

In the sync details table, the pulling result of three types of users will be shown here.

tass Setup 12

Heading to Users, select a pulled user, the extra attributes will be added.

tass Setup 13

Split Parents

Split Parent in Cloudwork

Split parents are handled in Cloudwork by determining whether both split parents have the same or different user_code

Split Parents with different user_codes

Split Parents created in TASS with user_codes are displayed on Cloudwork as:

Splits Parents in User List using different user_codes
Parent 1 using user_code for username
Parent 2 using user_code for username

Split Parents with same user_code

Split Parents sharing one user_code, when creating separate accounts, in Cloudwork, the sfa_num will be added to Parents user_code to distinguish them.

Splits Parents in User List using usercode and sfa_num
Parent 1 usercode and sfa_num for username

Parent 2 usercode and sfa_num for username


If an email address is being duplicated across both parents, the accounts will not be split. To split the parents, the email address that is being duplicated needs to be removed from one of the parents so Cloudworks can make the spilt account as expected.