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Set up

Important steps

- Ensure Schoolbox is configured with HTTPS/SSL

- Ensure Schoolbox is available both internally and externally on the exact same URL

- Configure the SAML Identity Provider information as below.

Set up steps

  1. Log in to your Schoolbox account as a Superuser
  2. Go to Administration --> Settings --> SAML (May appear as Security instead)
  3. Set the Single Sign-On URL for your identity provider e.g. https://School URL/adfs/ls SchoolboxSSO.png
  4. (First option) Set the "Single Sign-On Identity Provider Metadata URL": This allows Schoolbox to automatically determine the Token Signing Certificates and capabilities of your Identity Provider. e.g. https://School URL/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml Ssoidpschoolbox.png
  5. (Second Option) (Option 2) Copy the manually exported contents of the PEM format token signing certificate shown in the earlier earlier steps from "Single Sign-On IDP certificate" e.g. Idpcertschoolbox.png
  6. Enable Single Logout
  7. Set Single Logout Endpoint to
  8. Press 'Save' to save the set up