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Monitoring Service that can check for cyber bullying, as well as website filtering for when students attempt to access harmful sites.

To get the Single Sign On process setup, you will need to contact Saasyan asking for their XML file.
Below is an email template to help with the process.

Cloudwork Setup

  1. Login to Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Upload XML File
  2. In put into 'Name Saasyan
  3. In Choose an XML File upload the metadata from Saasyan
  4. Navigate to Single Sign On> Service List and click on Saasyan
  5. Navigate to SAML Config and click Edit
  6. Set NameID Value to email and click submit
  7. Navigate to Attribute Map and click Edit
  8. Fill out the table as follows:
    • User Name maps to uid
    • Full Name maps to Name
    • Scoped Username maps to UPN
  9. Click Submit

Email Template

Hi Saasyan,

<School Name> is wanting to setup Single Sign On between Saasyan and Studentnet.
Could you please provide Saasyan XML file?