LDAPS Group Sync Profile

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Base Settings

Base Settings
Field Description
Userdesc.png A short description to identify the sync profile
Userldapserver.png IP address or host name of the directory server to collect information from. Password reset will only work over LDAPS://
Userldapuser.png Username to bind to when collecting
Userldappassword.png Password to use when collecting information from the server

Group Settings

User Settings
Field Description Active Directory Example if available
Usersearchcontainer2.png The qualified name for the container to look for users. eg, OU=students, OU=users, DC=yourdomain, DC=com Usersearchcontainer.png
Friendly name for the group
The field that contains the name of the group
Default Group Type - this setting decides which users can send to the group
The LDAP attribute that stores the SIS ID for a group. This field is important for Canvas, and other services.
Group Faculty Attribute - Not sure
Group form attribute - not sure
Email address attribute used to look up group members
LDAP query paramaters that will be be used to further restrict Cloudwork's default group syncing
Group types - not sure!

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings
Field Description
Advdomain.png The email domain for groups. If Force Mail Domain is selected, user accounts created or updated by replace the email domain with this domain
Advdirectoy.png The directory type that the users are syncing from
Advdeleteaction.png When a user is deleted or moved to a location that Cloudwork can't see, Cloudwork will perform the chosen action