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To get started, send an email to help@edsmart.com and ask for SSO to be enabled with Cloudwork.

They will want a test user and and a copy of your metadata. Your metadata can be found by logging into the Cloudwork Dashboard and navigating to Single Sign On Services > IdP Metadata

EdSmart will send you a copy of their metadata. Once you have that file, log in to the Cloudwork Dashboard and navigate to Single Sign On Services > Add New Service > Upload an XML File. Fill in EdSmart for the name, and upload the XML file EdSmart have provided.

Go back to the list of SSO Services, click on your newly created EdSmart service, find Attribute Map, and click Edit. Make sure the following mappings are configured:

  • User Name: UserID
  • Email: mail
  • First Name: givenName
  • Last Name: sn
  • Role: role

Submit the form. Confirm with EdSmart that the metadata has been imported. Once they have completed configuration on their end, they should supply you with your unique login URL for EdSmart.