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Canvas Sync

What information will be synced from Cloudworks into Canvas

  • Parents and Student will be synced
  • For users, the following information from users will be synced
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Default Email
    • Username
    • SIS ID
    • Account Status: Status or Active
    • Relationships: Create an Observer Link between Parent and Student. Note: The observer links are visible only after the Student has been enrolled on a course

When do syncs occur

New Cloudwork Users or User updates are automatically synced and reflected in Canvas during the nightly syncs.

Steps for Syncing Canvas with Cloudworks

In your Canvas Instructure:

  1. In Global Navigation, click the Admin link and select the account
  2. On the Account Navigation Panel, click on the Developer Keys > Add Developer Key > API Key
  3. On Key Settings-required fields:
    Key Name: Cloudwork
    Redirect URIs: <Cloudwork URL>/canvas/authorize
  4. Once set up, switch ON the state of the developer key. Both Client ID and Secret Key will be listed under Details

Back in Cloudwork Canvas Settings:

  1. Enter all details and submit: Canvas URL, Canvas Client Id and Canvas Secret
  2. After clicking on Submit, it will redirect you to the canvas site to authorise.
  3. Once authorized, it will redirect to your Cloudwork Canvas Settings and you should see an Authentication success message.
  4. Connect Account to finalize setup. Select the Canvas Account to be synced with Cloudworks and enable Sync Accounts.
  5. Submit to save changes.

Canvas Settings

Canvas Settings:

  • Resync button: Option to run an immediate resync process into Canvas. Only visible once Canvas configurations has been configured
  • Sync Accounts: Enable Sync for User Accounts
  • Maintain Course Memberships: Enable Sync for Courses
  • Allowed Orgunits: Administrator can select specific Cloudwork OU to be synced to Canvas Use Email addresses for Canvas usernames instead or Cloudwork Username: Use email for Canvas Login Information.

Syncing large quantity of users

By using Cloudwork's TASS Sync profile, large quantities of student,parent and staff data can synced from TASS, into Cloudwork and then into Canvas.