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Setting up SSO on Arcgis

  1. In the Cloudwork dashboard, navigate to Single Sign On
  2. Navigate to Identity Provider
  3. Navigate to Entity ID
    Example of Entity ID
  4. Copy the information in Entity ID
  5. Login to with your administrative credentials
  6. Click on Organization>Settings>Security>Logins>New SAML Login
  7. Select One identity provider
  8. Click Next
  9. Enter Studentnet as name of Organisation
  10. Select Automatic for how member with SAML logins will join Arcgis
  11. Enter the EntityID from step 4
  12. Click Save

Setting up SSO on Cloudwork Side

  1. Login to with your administrative credentials
  2. Click on Organization>Settings>Security
  3. Go to Logins>SAML login
  4. Click Download service provider metadata.
  5. In the Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Upload an XML file
    Name = Arcgis
    Upload = Upload the XML from Arcgis
  6. Click Submit