Creating Users

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You should only need to manually create users for administrative purposes to this dashboard or to create special users that are not synchronised by normal processes.

User list.png Figure 3 - User Top Menu

To create a new user simply click on the “Add new user” link either on the home page or on the top menu after clicking on Users in the side menu, this will lead you to the User creation screen.

New user.png Figure 4 - New User Form

  • Email - This must be a valid email address, something like If you with this use to be available in a Google apps domain then it must have the same domain as the google apps domain you with to synchronise with
  • User Name - This will be the user name that the user will use to log in with.
  • Organisational Unit - Distinct group inside an institution
  • Sis ID - The ID of the user in the school management system e.g. Edumate, Synergetic
  • Role - This will indicate what role this user will have. This will be sent to service providers, some service providers will give different access levels based on what this value is. Default dropdown values are:
    • Teacher
    • Student
    • Alum
    • Parent

Please note: Currently all users that are marked at Alum or Parent are not considered chargeable in Cloudwork.

  • Status - By default there are three possible statuses
    • Active: Ordinary user.
    • Administrator: Can access this control panel.
    • Suspended: Prevented from logging in to any service

After filling in these details you will be prompted to give the user a password. Once you do that the new user will be ready.