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SSO Setup with SynWeb

  1. Login to your school's cloudwork dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On
  3. Navigate to Identity provider
  4. Download the certificate on that page.
  5. Copy that certificate onto the Synergetic machine under <synweb>/Site/Certificates/idp.crt NB you may need to create this folder
  6. Log in to SQL Management Studio
  7. Run this query
    SELECT SynergeticPassword FROM pvSynDatabases WHERE SynergeticUserName = 'zSynergetic_main_dbo'
  8. On your computer, find your Binconfig folder, where the SynWeb is installed
  9. Run Synergetic.Application.CreateConfig.exe as an administrator and add the following values to specified fields
    AuthenticationMode = SAML
    OverrideUserName = zSynergetic_main_dbo
    SAMLLoginBinding = POST
    SAMLLogoutBinding = REDIRECT
    SAMLLoginDestination = put in the Sign On Endpoint from your school's dashboard
    SAMLLogoutDestination = put in the Log Out Endpoint from your school's dashboard
    SAMLLoginX509CertificatePath = ~/Site/Certificates/idp.crt
    SAMLSPISsuer = <<synergetic URL>>/login.aspx
    SAMLComparisonMode = minimum
    SAMLClaimAttributeName = NameID

Once you have saved this configuration file, open it up in notepad (or Notepad++) and find the OverridePassword key, which should look like the below.

<OverridePassword /> You will now need to remove the close and enter the password, similar to the below.

<OverridePassword>Password from the query</OverridePassword>

SSO setup with Cloudwork

  1. Login to your school's dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On
  3. Add new service
  4. Fill out the blanks
    Name = name given to service
    Entity ID = <<synergetic URL>>/login.aspx
    Assertion Consumer Service = <<synergetic URL>>/login.aspx
    NameID = Select Email
    NameID Format = Select emailAddress
  5. Click Submit