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Setting SSO with Infiniti

Follow the instructions for How to Configure SAML 2.0 in:

Setting SSO with Cloudwork

  1. Navigate to Single Sign On
  2. Navigate to Add New Service
  3. Click Custom Service
  4. Fill out the fields:
    Name = Give the new service a name
    Entity ID = The URL that Infiniti - Manage use for your server.
    Assertion Consumer Service = Use http://yourserver/Manage/SamlAuthenticate.aspx where yourserver is your server name
    Single Logout URL = Leave blank as Infiniti does not support single logout
    NameID = Select User name
    NameID Format = Select Unspecified
    Start URL = Leave blank
  5. Click Submit


Setting SSO for Infiniti - Produce are the same steps except for step 4. Use http://yourserver/Produce/SamlAuthenticate.aspx for the Assertion Consumer Service