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SSO Setup with Edval

  1. Email support@edval.education requesting to configure your custom subdomain, make the subject SSO subdomain request
  2. Wait till Edval have confirmed the custom subdomain before proceeding
  3. Login to the Cloudwork dashboard>Single Sign On>Identity Provider
  4. Under XML file click Download
    Location of XML File Download
  5. Login to Edval, go to Admin>Single sign-on>Other Identity Provider
  6. Under SAML Configuration click Choose file and upload the XML file from step 4
  7. Under SAML id type(s) Select Email Address
  8. Check Bypass WebCode login
  9. Click Save
  10. Under Instructions in The SAML Service provider metadata for you school can be accessed here: Download the XML File from the URL

Email Template

Subject: SSO subdomain request

Hi Edval,

Could you please assist with setting up a custom subdomain for our school <school name>?
This is part of the process for setting up Single Sign On with Studentnet

SSO Setup with Cloudwork

  1. Login to the Cloudwork Dashboard>Single Sign On>Add New Service>Upload an XML File
  2. Enter Edval into the name
  3. Choose the XML file you downloaded from Edval
  4. Upload the file
  5. Click submit