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Table of New Features

What's New
Feature Description Wiki Documentation
Security Security added under Reports which shows all users MFA status Security
TASS Sync Profile TASS Sync Profile custom address blocks for TASS Syncing TASS Sync Profile
About Box About Box added in help button of Cloudwork Dashboard Help Button
JAMF Connect JAMF Connect password grant added under when configuring an OpenID Connect Service OAuth App
Geoblocking Geoblocking added under authentication settings Geoblocking
Group Patterns Group Patterns for Provisioning Profile to sort users into specified groups Group Patterns
Events for Authorization Ruleset Creating, Updating and Deleting Authorization Rules will create events in Admin Activity under Reports List of Admin Activities
Authorization Rules Authorization Rules allow controlling service access via IP addresses how to set authorization rules here
OpenID Connect IDP Details OpenID Connect now have IDP details located under Single Sign On>Manage OpenID Connect Apps>Identity Provider OpenID Connect
Multifactor Secret Multifactor Secret can be used instead of QR code when adding Authenticator App for MFA MFA using Authenticator App Setup Key
Events for CloudworkID Settings Editing, Inheriting, Overriding CloudworkID Settings will create events in Admin Activity under Reports List of Admin Activities
TASS Sync Profile Syncing between Cloudwork and TASS TASS Sync Profile

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