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These are the settings that will allow the synchronisation of group out of the directory.

Groups settings.png Figure 12- Sync Profiles Group Settings

  • Search Container - This is the base OU that we will search in for groups. This is always presented in the form of a distinguished name. All OU’s below this will also be searched.
  • Friendly Name Field - This is the friendly name of the group that users will see when it is presented to them. Default: cn

While this default is appropriate for things like email groups, if you are using groups for permissions in service providers like ClickView or Complispace then it is recommended to change this to “dn”

  • Group Email Field - This will be the full email address of the group. If the field is not in the form of an email address it will have the default domain attached to it. So if it is set to samaccountname then it will be end up being

If all of the groups that require synchronisation have their own mail attribute then you can set this to mail. NB if this attribute is blank on the group in the directory then it will not be synchronised.

  • Default Group Type - This is the default group settings that will apply to email groups when they are created. Options that are available are.
    • Anyone can send to group
    • Anyone within the domain can send to the group
    • Only group members can post
    • Only Teachers can post
  • Group SIS ID field - The LDAP attribute that stores the SIS ID for a group.
  • Group Faculty attribute - This conveys information about a group sync involving particular faculties within an institution e.g. Mathematics
  • Group Form attribute - This conveys information about a group sync involving particular forms within an institution e.g. Year 12